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(内部推荐)EMC-greenplum-Software Engineer-北京
来源: linux频道  日期: 2012.05.10 12:37 (共有条评论) 我要评论
General summary:
Immediate opportunity for a talented Consultant/Principal Software Engineer to join a team of software professionals to work on the core of Greenplum Database, a massive parallel database. You will be doing systems research and development where innovation and high performance are critical success factors. Our customers are worldwide and include Fortune 500 companies. They heavily rely on our software to quickly find the “gold” in the huge amount of data they have collected and to enable them to open whole new vistas of data analysis for their companies.

We are looking for innovative people who enjoy working in a team, who are dedicated to the whole team winning, and who see communication and collaboration as important skills to learn and develop. Pioneers who will always be proud of the technologies and world-class company they had a crucial impact in creating at Greenplum. And they had fun doing it! Already being a senior software professional, you have successfully developed and shipped distributed, high-performance system projects. You have demonstrated the ability to work on hard problems and work out ways to develop solutions in deliverable stages.


- Bachelor/Master/PhD degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable university - 7+ years of industry experience - Outstanding experience in database, data mining, or distributed systems - Outstanding problem-solving skills and sense of innovative thinking - Outstanding C/C++ coding skills on Linux, experience in database kernel, system and network programming a strong plus - Hands-on experience in shipping production software - Excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English. Comfortable working with US colleagues

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